From the get-go, Jeff was amazing in organizing my hike through the Catskills. Being from the UK and never having been there, nor done a huge amount of hikes, I was a little apprehensive setting myself the challenge of a 3 day A to B hike. Jeff came back to me with three options and after chatting with him about which would suit me the best, we settled on a 23.9 mile, 3 day, 3 night hike along the Escarpment Trail.

He organised everything I needed: pack, tent, sleeping bag, food, water & anything else I was going to need then gave me a list of what I needed to bring: clothes and my toothbrush essentially. It was excellent! I didn't have to worry about a thing.

We were both a little nervous - for one, I was travelling on my own, going to a place I had never been before and trusting a man I had never met before to navigate me through the Catskills, set up camp, cook for me, potential have to save me from bear ;) and we were going to be each other's entertainment for the entire time. Jeff also had no idea who I was yet was up for the challenge - what if we didn't get on?!?

Well, with Jeff that's actually impossible. He is such a fun guy (if you ignore his love of Star Wars) ;) Incredibly knowledgable about the area, Jeff is passionate about the Catskills history, the flora and fauna and having mentioned to him I work for an art gallery, he had researched all about the artists who had been to the Catskills and painted at the turn of the Century.  We would arrive at points on the trail and he would take out his phone and show me the paintings that had been done from that very spot. This I found really cool and a really kind, personal touch.

The hike was definitely challenging but that is part of the thrill right? It's always good to push yourself a little.
Jeff is a very steady person - you feel very comfortable in his presence,  he has a lot of experience hiking having completed the Appalachian trail with his girlfriend and I felt totally at ease with him.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jeff for your hike - whether a day or week, he has everything completely under control and is a great guy to hang out with in the middle of a mountain trail.



Catskill Mountain Wild

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